Agora Phobia (digitalis) explores
experiences and imaginations of
being (un)safe and isolated:

What is a safe place for you?
What is an unsafe place
for you?
Where do you feel isolated?
How do you control your space?

Agora Phobia (digitalis) is a
mobile monument containing
a website and a traveling,
inflatable Isolation Pillar.
In this temporary free zone you
are invited to reflect on the personal
experience of a public space and a
private space, in the context of a
mediated society.


Agora Phobia (digitalis) invites
you in an inflatable semi
transparent Isolation Pillar; placed
in dynamic public spaces like train
station hall, square, museum.
Inside the Pillar one can still feel
the physical tension of the crowd;
but one can only vaguely
see the crowd. Inside one feels very
safe within an intimate space, and
at the same time, lacking control
over the outside, very vulnerable.

The Isolation Pillar is big enough for
one computer and one person to
enter at the time. Here you are
invited to chat with someone who
lives isolated somewhere else, like:
someone from prison, cloister,
a digipersona, someone living
illegally in the city,
a prisoner of war (POW), someone
suffering from agora phobia.


Left you find the Dialogue-Archive
including all dialogues.
In Add Monologue you can add
your own text; which will be part
of Monologue-Archive.
Your participation will be anonymous
unless you want a name.

Agora Phobia (digitalis) provides
for an isolated communication space,
in which notions of being inside and
being outside are reversible.


- Oog Volkskrant en CBK
Amsterdam (NL)
- Villette Numerique,
Parc de la Villette, Paris (France)
- Direct Exposure, Helsinki (Finland)
- Eyebeam, New York (USA)
- SKOR and City of Utrecht
Beyond / Parasite/Paradise (NL)
- Podewil Berlin, Alexanderplatz
Hackesche Höfen (Germany)
- ArtFair Berlin (Germany)
- De Appel, Amsterdam (NL)
- Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL)
- City centre of Amsterdam (NL)
- [Nes]Theaters Amsterdam (NL)